Ladies Online Fitness 


In March 2020 when we went into a national lockdown  Raise The Barr Coaching wanted to find a way to not only help the children of the football world, but the mums who may have to help their children get through this difficult time. 

Our aim is to create an environment where by ladies of all sizes, ages and ability can achieve their own personal goals in the comfort of their own homes. 

Our sessions are not only aimed at ladies who have had a very busy day but also that may have had injuries, just not motivated to go to a gym or are fit and healthy but don't want to leave home to exercise. 

In the space of just a few short months we have had amazing weight loss journeys, people who are able to keep up their fitness regimes and even ladies being able to get the drive they never had for every day tasks. 

We are very proud of being able to start and continue this programme even after lockdown as we love seeing and hearing how we have had a positive impact on the ladies lives along with their amazing results.


 So please contact us if you are interested to join our amazing ladies group and want to get your mojo back, or view our testimonials to see the proof is in the